In 1981, a group of Vancouver Island MG enthusiasts came together to found the Victoria MG Club. Sharing their tips, tricks and love of the little British car with a big heart, and a lot of pickup, they continued to grow and pass on the love of the MG to new generations for over 30 years.

Today the club has members all over the area and continues to share resources and skills to ensure the MG continues to be a sight on Victoria area roads.

Members get the weekly club email newsletter, which includes a calendar of events, cars and parts for sale, personal reflections, technical articles and discount offers for Victoria MG members.

Members’ cars are not only from the MG marque but also from other British marques such as Austin, Jaguar, Morris, Triumph, etc.
MG ownership is not a requirement for joining the club, only your enthusiasm for the marque is needed.
Current club membership is over 70 members.
The Victoria MG Club is affiliated with the MG Owners Club, the North American MGB Register and the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs.

Founding Member

 Founding Member:  Jackie Beaudoin

Club Executive (elected)

 President: Hugh Carroll 250-472-8497 president@victoriamgclub.ca 
Vice President: Malcolm Ives    vicepresident@victoriamgclub.ca
Treasurer: Russ Cape 250-721-4605 treasurer@victoriamgclub.ca 
Secretary: Eleanor Elston 250-474-3275  
Director of Events: Derrick Sparks    events@victoriamgclub.ca
Director of Motorsport: David Shepherd    motorsport@victoriamgclub.ca
Director of Membership Stu Moore    membership@victoriamgclub.ca

Appointments and Volunteers

Newsletter Editor and Publisher: Patricia Sparks  p.sparks@telus.net
Webmaster: Marc Speed webmaster@victoriamgclub.ca


General Meetings

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the Salvation Army Victoria Citadel (4030 Douglas Street) at 7:15 PM.

Mailing Address

Victoria MG Club, C/O Victoria Citadel, 4030 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8X 5J6

Club Disclaimer

All advice, parts and services provided are presented in good faith.  No liability will be assumed by the Victoria MG Club.  Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the executive, nor the Victoria MG Club.