Due to the current medical crisis, all events/gatherings are canceled until further notice.

Presidents Note:                                             

It was decided by the executive that it would be prudent to cancel all upcoming meetings and events due to the Corvid 19 outbreak. Until we have the “all clear”  from the Canadian experts in the field. This is a time that we have not seen before, so some changes will occur in all of our lives and workplaces. As regards the VMGC members we now all have the clear means to communicate with each other thru the web site member list, and keep in touch that way, we have members who I’m sure would appreciate a call, as a lot of the normal social contact area’s are restricted at this time. Projects are still waiting completion so if extra time is available now’s the time to finish things up or make a start? Think about how we would like to celebrate the end of this outbreak, with a great car event or Run and send your ideas in to Derrick who will tabulate them and come up with the best one. We will still be publishing the Octagon so we need ideas, pictures, articles. So for now it will be a on-line only club and as soon as we have an “all Clear” let’s go and celebrate. Please keep well and healthy. 

Malcolm Ives

Despite all of this, it’s a beautiful day and heading into spring, with flowers and plants all raring to do their things.