Unfortunately, this event had to be canceled. Please do read on to hear from Randy regarding these two wonderful gentlemen who are sorely missed.

Jack Baker

The first member I met when I joined the Club was Jack Baker. He was this rather large, fun loving, guy with a very wicked sense of humor. We had instant connections as he had been a member of a Lions Club and I was the current President of the local Club. He was a instant friend and always was great to have at a meeting or a social event as he was in the middle of everything! Everyone liked Jack!

On the track he was all business. He drove his white MGB very fast and always was competitive. I even watched him run a Giant Slalom in Portland a couple of years ago and do very well. He took anyone who wanted a ride along around the track. As you belted in he would joke about “ so you want to ride very fast with a guy who could have a stroke at any second…”.

Jack was the heart and soul of this and any other club he was in and we all miss him.

Randy Slade

Doug Fulton

Doug came to the MG Club through his involvement in Autocross and typical for Doug, he didn’t just join the Club and not participate, but quietly purchased a nice driver MGB and rode it a lot. Then he came regularly to meetings and encouraged all as we struggled with membership. He came to most Autocross events and if he didn’t drive one of his many cars, he worked as the timer, or a corner guy or anything else. He showed up with his Chrysler, Dodge Challenger or Super Streak. He was fast and a tad loose all the time but he knew how to turn those cars.

I have known Doug and his widow, Betty many years and he was a good friend and a very solid man. He had a very large circle of friends and all are missing him. We miss him in the Club.

Randy Slade