Hello everyone and it looks like the cooler/rainy weather is upon us. That means it is a good time to plan our work schedules for the coming year. Mine is to continue working on my TD project. All hands are welcome.

We had our monthly meeting last night and it was a lively one. The focus of the meeting was a discussion around the slalom events and how do we move forward.

Let me give you some background: Over the last 3 years we have been in a deficit position and how do we proceed. Do we continue on and try to get the attendance up or do we step away and let another club run the events? These are not easy decisions.

To run the events, we need to have approx. 30 people at each event and pay 40 dollars. If we don’t get the people out, we lose money. The problem is getting the people out. Over the last 3 years we have had a deficit of approx. 3700. Although it is a large amount it is not the end of the world as we have the funds in the bank and there is a contingency fund. Saying that we must come to some kind of conclusion.

Dave Shepard our Motorsport director is trying the get people together to have a meeting and come up with a plan. Please get a hold of him if you can help, David_shepherd@telus.net

Our next meeting is December 10 and it is our AGM. The board is willing to stand except for the secretary, please give it some thought and consider putting your name forward for that position or any other.

At the AGM we will talk about motorsports and come to some decision.

Hugh Carroll