Life's Rich or I Wish I Had Read This Before I Started!!

Victoria British Ltd. Catalogue of MGA Parts

Submitted by Rich Powell

The first temptation is to remove all of the chrome and rubber, fill the holes and paint your dream car that special colour lurking in our minds eye. After the third tow bill or the second late for work, you'll regret it. Cosmetics are the last step. The following plan of attack was formulated over the years and has been synthesized from a multitude of experiences. Subject to debate, true, the following five step guide can help you avoid most of the problems inherent with a car ten years old and older. Always remember, don't throw anything away before you get the restoration or replacement parts.

(01) Stopping

Attack the braking system as a compete system. If a car is ten years old; kit all the cylinders, turn the drums and replace the shoes and or pads. For a car twenty years old; replace all the cylinders where possible with new and do the rest. Don't forget the clutch and slave cylinder to complete the hydraulics where applicable. Flush brake fluid. Now both your car and your life are protected.

(02) Starting and Electrical

Number one problem here is getting those little electrics out of the battery and over into the engine. A new battery is standard, but the battery terminals and cables along with the ground strap should be replaced. A new solenoid, regulator and re-manufactured starter and generator, conjunctive with the plugs, points, condenser, rotor, cap, wire set and sports coil, all installed at the same time will complete the attack on both areas. Now, whenever you turn the key, something should happen.

(03) Fuel

All cars have now gone through the fuel crisis and probably are carrying a full complement of crud, corruption, muck and goo in the tank, lines and carburettor. It the car is fifteen years old, or more, steam clean the tank, clean and coat the inside with one of the space age chemicals available. Blow out the lines, clean the fuel pump, if electric replace the points, rebuild the carb or carbs and, finally, install an in line fuel filter. Now the electrics can explode the gases.

(04) Cooling

All English cars overheat bunk! Back flush the engine and heater core and have a radiator shop clean and core the radiator. Double change the oil and filter, adjust the valves, check the water pump, replace if questionable, replace all hoses and fan belts and, finally, research the market and refill with a coolant mixture. Now, it shouldn't overheat, leak or diesel.

(05) And Much More

Everything not discussed thus far comes next. Now that your car stops, starts and runs dependably as any automobile have fun! Keep 'em On The Road!!

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