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Octagon Newsletter … March 2000

By Doug Ingram

I feel very fortunate to belong to our club. I enjoy the camaraderie, I value the advice and help I receive, and I relish the opportunity to be part of a community of nice people with a common interest. It's a great thing, our club and it is my primary way to be involved with the little cars I love.

Out in the bigger world … in other cities, in other countries, on other continents, there are many other people who share the same British car interest as we do. Years ago, we might have met some of these people on our travels, perhaps had the odd long distance telephone conversation, or exchanged correspondence. Do you remember letter writing? The Internet has changed all that and it is now so easy and inexpensive to be involved in the worldwide community of enthusiasts. For me, this takes the form of a membership in the Spridget mail list.

So, what's this mail list all about? First of all, the term Spridget refers to all Austin‑Healey Sprites and MG Midgets built between 1958‑1980 (Sprites/Midgets = Spridgets). A mail list operates by e‑mail, and is hosted by a main computer, called a mail server. In my case, it is the Team.Net server, located at a small university in Colorado. The server receives e‑mail messages, or postings, sent to it by members and then sends a copy of each and every incoming e‑mail out to all the other list members. In this way, any e‑mail posted, by another member of the Spridget list ends up in the IN box on my computer. Simple? You bet!

The Team.Net server hosts a wide variety of automotive related mail lists. Those that relate to British cars include the following:

British‑Cars (the big list, for all makes of British cars)

British‑Cars‑Pre‑War (before WW II, that is)

Healeys (Austin‑Healey, Jensen‑Healey, Nash‑Healey, etc)

MGs (all types of MGs)

MG‑T (T series MGs and related cars)

MGB‑V8 (for factory original and conversions)

Mini (all Minis and derivatives)

Morgans (all Morgan models)

Morris (all Morris models)

Riley (all Riley models)

Rolls‑Bentley (all Rolls Royce and Bentley models)

Spridgets (Sprites and Midgets)

Alpines (all Sunbeam Alpines, and other post W.W. II Rootes Group cars)

Tigers (all Sunbeam Tigers)

Triumphs (all Triumph models)

Subscribing to one or more of these lists is a breeze. You just send an e‑mail message to and include the words 'subscribe Spridgets' in the body of the message. This will get you a subscription to the Spridgets list. If you want another list, you use the appropriate list name, such as subscribe Morgans or subscribe Morris. In short order, the majordomo (who is the automated list subscription manager) will send you an e‑mail asking you to confirm your desire to subscribe. Send the confirmation as directed, and you're in business. You will start getting the messages that are posted by members of your list. You can be a 'lurker' if you want … that's someone who just reads the mail, but doesn't contribute postings. After a while, most lurkers join in, putting forth their opinions and experiences, asking and answering questions, etc. It's easy to unsubscribe, if you decide you don't want to continue. More information can be obtained at

I'm convinced I have the best of both worlds … the friends I have in the MG Club, who I see frequently, and my friends on the Spridget list, who I only see in images on my computer's screen. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

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