Momentous Moments In MG History

Octagon Newsletter August 1992

By Phil Winterbottom

1888 Cecil Kimber is born !

1925 Cecil Kimber wins a gold medal in the London to Lands End Trial in his modified trials special, eventually becoming known as the first MG!!

1927 MG model 14/40 introduced with a speckled fabric body, is nicknamed "Old Speckly Hen", which leads Moorlands Brewery to produce "Old Speckled Hen Beer", now known the world over as the beer associated with MGs!!

1929 MG factory moves to Abington!!

1933 Joe Smith, a new apprentice on his first day at the MG factory, looking for the traditional left-handed spanner, grabs a Brooklands Exhaust in frustration, thereby causing the first New Year's Day Burn, an event that is still celebrated by the Victoria MG Club, although without the burn!!

1933 The MG Car Company denies rumours that Al Capone used a MG as a getaway car after the Valentine's Day Massacre!!

1933 'Tommy' Thompson, wins the MG Car Co. slogan contest with his entry, 'Safety Fast', beating his cousin's entry of 'Safety Last'!!

1935 Tom Lucas, scion of the well known auto electrical firm bearing his family name, invents the Intermittent Electrical Malfunction Device, thereby predating Computer Viruses by several decades!!

1944 General Eisenhower overrides Churchill's plans to distract German soldiers by racing MG's on the Normandy beaches!!

1945 Cecil Kimber, Founder of the MG Car Company, is killed in a freak train accident.

1955 MG's assembled in Australia , are found to have a 20 gallon beer tank under the dashboard!!

1955 George Cuthbertson designs the MGA door sills and later designs the MGB jacking points. George is reported to be living in a Mediterranean villa on a large pension provided by the Association of Body Shop Owners!!

1956 Ash wood frames discontinued due to Sierra Club environmental pressures!!

1957 Sterling Moss sets record at 245 MPH in 1500 cc EX 181!!

1962 100,000th MGA built!!

1980 'Chummy' Campbell retires after 50 years as Head of MG Model Designation Department. At his retirement party, 'Chummy' agreed that in his earlier days he had been rather erratic, using a variety of M, N, S, V, W, but that his greatest string of inspiration was the T-Series, A, B, C, D, F. His only regret was missing so many of Miss Mosley's alphabet classes in school which meant he had to revert back to models A, B, C. 'Chummy's retirement gift was a complete set of alphabet blocks !!

1980 MG factory closed for ever.

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