Ice Cream Run June 6th, 2001

Octagon Newsletter July 2001

By Tisha Bavinton

The first ice cream run of 2001 was a great success. Fifteen cars of all shapes and sizes showed up to participate in the run with almost a greater showing of Jag's than MG's! It was good to see so many cars out, especially those who made the effort to come in their daily drivers when they couldn't bring their British Sports!

This time around instead of a run filled with Trivia, it was a Poker run, the first for many in the club. One blue MGA in particular was very excited with their hand until they found out it was Poker they were playing. The run took us away from the traditional thru-Saanich run and instead took us through the neighbourhoods of Victoria that we all know and love so well, Esquimalt, James Bay, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Ten Mile Point and so on and so forth before ending up at Mr. Tubb's for ice cream.

The winning hand was a pair of tens and a pair of Queens (George and Kathleen Caird), followed by a pair of Queens for second and a pair of tens for third. Thank you all for coming, Jon and I had a great time mapping our first route!

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