Anniversary Meet 2001 - 20 Years for the Victoria MG Club!!

Octagon Newsletter … September 2001

By Wayne Watkins

Saturday, September 8th - it was quite a day. A total of 45 MGs, Jaguars, Austin Healeys, Triumphs and a Morris lined up on the grass at Kinsmen Gorge Park in the bright sunshine to commemorate twenty years of fun in the Victoria MG Club. It was gratifying to see a variety of daily drivers, totally restored cars and a number of cars where restoration is under way and will be for a while. The Sparks family went to the trouble of bringing a Limited Edition MGB on a trailer to join the fun, as the restoration and ultimate licensing for the road could not quite be squeaked in for this day. Good ol’ MG spirit.

We had some guests who phoned early Saturday morning from up Island and showed up at the park in time for the show. We even signed up some new members, one of whom doesn’t yet have an MG, but has a whole lot of enthusiasm. As usual, quite a number of interested people showed up to peer under hoods and ask a lot of questions about Lucas electrics and SU carbs. I was surprised to talk to a number of enthusiasts that either had an MG under rebuild at home or had one on their shopping list. A good three hours was spent discussing repairs and maintenance, where certain parts can be found, who owned this car previously, agreeing on exactly what the colour was, why a certain size tire was chosen and pressing the souvenir anniversary meet coffee (or tea) mugs into service.

Throughout the day ballot forms were filled in to vote for favourite cars. At 2:30 p.m. a number of participants lined up and headed out on Cam Russell and Karen Trickett's Gumball Un-rally for a fun tour of interesting sights in Victoria.

That evening, everyone headed for the Princess Mary for a fun-filled evening of twenty years of memories, photographs, and personal MG Club recollections of various club members (introduced by Club Historian Armande Morton), including founding member Jackie Beaudoin and one of our youngest members, Chris Wignall. Historic MG events were depicted on paper by budding artists wielding colourful crayons. Many door prizes and raffle prizes were handed out to lucky ticket holders. Bob Hughes actually guessed the number of spark plugs that Neil Fawdry had put in a clear jar.

He must have known that Neil tried to throw everyone off by hiding a tennis ball in the middle of the jar! Good eats were finished off with coffee and a piece of delicious anniversary cake (complete with T Series icing), courtesy of Daphne and Peter Lee.

Winners of the popular choice awards were presented their trophies by Doug Ingram and Jim Mills: MG T Series - Michael Pettier (1948 MG TC); MGA - Len Smith (1958 MGA); MGB 1962-1980 - Rich Powell (1967 MGB GT); MGB 1975-1980 - Hugh Carroll (1979 MGB); MG Midget - Scott Watkins (1976 MG Midget); Other British Marque - Maureen Mills (1961 Austin Healey Sprite). Best MG in Show - Michael Pettier (1948 MG TC).

Winners of the Anniversary Meet Committee awards presented by Bob Hughes, Jack Baker and John Braybrooks: Mike Manning Memorial Trophy (regularly driven MG in any weather and in many events) - Chris Grant (1969 MGC GT); Restoration Trophy (newly restored) - Maureen Mills (1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite - Maureen offered that Jim might have had a hand in the restoration; Old Reliable Trophy (not restored but with spirit and soul) - Chris Wignall (1973 MGB). Piston Broke Trophy (for the saddest hard luck story) - John Veale for events which occurred during the now infamous but most memorable Rally in the Valley trip.

By the luck of the draw and by answering the quiz correctly Chris Wignall won the Gumball Un-rally trophy complete with a new supply of gumballs. It was a wonderful and memorable day and many thanks to all who helped out and participated.

Park Gathering

MGA Trio

Mills Trophy

Jackie & Jack

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