Fan Installation

Octagon Newsletter July 1990

By Jack Baker 

Tsch Tsch Tsch. It was that mother bird calling it's young again. I had been happily attending to the job of cleaning and waxing my 'chick yellow' radiator fan, when the voice of knowledge spoke again.

"You autta hava lectric fan on that rig, else it's gonna heat up some!" Thus began my desire for an electric radiator fan. Once again, with the 'M' on my forehead in full bloom, I sought out this latest crucial need. Calvan had Hayden fans in their catalogue, we looked up the one recommended for MG. We ordered a 12 inch job after some debate over the 10 inch.

Several days later it arrived from Toronto via Vancouver, since it was manufactured in California I wondered if they had taken advantage of the Panama Canal and St. Laurence Seaway. I rushed home, read the instructions and put the thing together. I wanted to place it between the radiator and the block, so I had to move the radiator forward to squeeze it in. No room, so I put the radiator back and decided to mount the fan in front. I took the fan apart and changed it to a pusher configuration. There was just enough room to get the plastic ties in place. The fan was almost too wide for the radiator, but I did it. Miles of wire and control devices were neatly knitted to most of the front of the car.

Then I turned it on the walls of the garage moved inward, the car strained to move forward, the storm lifted a cast iron grate from the garage floor and pinned it to my grill. The noise was the wail of the banshee. I turned it off and leaned panting against the wall.

So I took it back and asked if I could trade it for the 10 inch one. While driving to the store, I noted the fan only came on once when I was stopped in traffic. It worked very well, but old soldiers hit the ground, a Great Dane was slowly dragged toward me and the brakes were barely able to hold the car still.

The 10 inch job was less efficient and just as loud. It ran nearly all the time. President Derrick reported that his first thought was "That thing has got to go." I phoned Hayden in California, 'yes' they said, "it is noisy, but it really works, no, they don't make a quieter blade." I found that in order to have the fan on as little as possible, I had to set the heat level high. To me this resulted in an uneven cooling situation and the engine idle had to be higher to allow for the amperage of the fan motor. Mike thought that the extra heat could have been the cause of my need for a new head gasket.

My 'chick yellow' fan is now back in place and doing a wonderful job. As usual "Does anyone want to buy a fan?".

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